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Learn More About Ending Daylight Savings


The daylight saving was a technique that was used by the conservationists. It was mainly essential around the time in history when there was the world war two. That is the reason why it was employed. People used to work while the light was up to save the energy that would be used on the lamps. That hence meant that they push the clock one or two hours ahead or behind the real time. The longer days would result into more work and that meant that people became more productive. The environment was also conserved and that came in handy with the global warming problem.


The practice has continued to happen in parts of the world that experience a difference in the length of the day and the night in consideration to the position of the sun. Apart from the advantages that we see here, there are a lot of disadvantages that have manifested themselves because of the daylight savings at enddaylightsavingtime.org. That  is what has raised concern over the years and there has been the need to abolish the practice.


The first issue was the fatigue that was recorded among the workers. The employees when the clock was pushed back had longer hours at work. That made them experience fatigue from the longer shifts that they had not been initially used to. This fatigue made them get ached by the abdomen and the head at times and also in the long run reduce the productivity that they have. It is reasons like this that have raised concern because they have been noted to grow old a lot faster and also become less productive.


The other issue is the lack of enough sleep. Anyone in the world is entitled to a good night sleep and the medical experts recommend at least 8 hours for adults and children getting more. With the longer hours of daytime, that would mean that their schedule is altered so that they can accommodate it. That would mean that they have to sleep less and work more. Sleep improves the health of the mind and helps to focus better. The work of the employees for that matter will become shoddy. They have also been noted to do more accidents and most of them die because of this. You may further read about daylight saving, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time.


The other factor is the use of more energy. The main aim of the start of this was to conserve energy.  Then the daylight was used for lighting homes and would be substituted using lamps and the like. Nowadays though with the improving technology, there are a lot of computers and machinery. An increase in their use increases the use of energy.